Lao Script application and font downloads

The fonts and applications listed below and available for download are provided freely and may be used for private, commercial or government purposes without restriction, but may not be distributed under any other name or sold.

The Lao OpenType Unicode fonts included with Lao Script for Windows and Lao Script for Mac or provided as separate downloads are distributed under the terms of the SIL Open Font License.

Font downloadsDownload link
New! SengBuhan variable TrueType font

Completely new traditional style Lao variable OpenType font. Available also as WOFF2 for web use, and as TrueType Collection or zip-archive of separate installable and web fonts.


TrueType font (.ttf)

New! SengPathom TrueType Font Collection

Fonts based on SengBuhan but with characters modified to more closely resemble the style taught in primary schools. Available also as zip-archive.


TrueType Collection (.ttc)

New! SaysetthaMai variable TrueType font

Lao variable OpenType font with variable stroke weight, slant (italic) angle and character width. Available also as WOFF2 for web use, and as TrueType Collection or zip-archive of separate installable and web fonts.


TrueType font (.ttf)

Saysettha TrueType Font Collection

Updated Saysettha (Lao Unicode OpenType) font collection with fonts in Light, Regular, Bold, Heavy and intermediate stroke weights. Also available as separate TrueType fonts in a zip archive.


TrueType Collection (.ttc)

Saysettha OT

Original Lao Unicode OpenType font.

Saysettha OT

TrueType font (.ttf)

Older fonts

MX family fonts and some non-Unicode Lao fonts can be provided on request, but be aware that most non-Unicode Lao fonts were developed for Windows and cannot be used on other platforms.
Contact us if you have documents with Lao fonts that you do not have installed.

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Application downloadsDownload link
LaoScript 8 application

Keyboard mapping and Add-ins for 32-bit and 64-bit applications on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

LaoScript 8

Windows installer (.msi)

Lao Script for Windows, Version 7

Only recommended for 32-bit applications on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Should not normally be installed or used on Windows 7 or later.

Version 7

Windows installer (.msi)

Lao Script for Mac

For use on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and later.

See About Lao Script for Mac for more information and Installing Lao Script for Mac for detailed installation instructions.


Apple disk image (.dmg)

Thai to Lao Translation Add-In (New 2020)

A new Thai to Lao translation Add-In for Microsoft Word. (Does not need LaoScript 8 to be installed.)

See Thai-Lao Translation User Guide for more information or contact us for a download link and full installation instructions.

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