Optional features:

Lao (and Kmhmu) consonants
ກຂຄງຈຊຍດຕຖທນບປຜຝພຟມຢຣລວສຫອຮໜໝ ໞໟ
Lao full-width vowels
ະ າ ຳ ເ ແ ໂ ໃ ໄ ຽ
Lao Pali characters and marks
ຆຉຌຎຏຐຑຒຓຘຠຨຩຬ (ສມ຺ມຸຍ຺໎ຫ)
Tone mark position
ກ່າ ຂ້າ ຄ໊າ ງ໋າ ປ່ ປ້ ຢ່ ຟ່ ຝ່
Superscript vowels
ກັນ ກັ່ນ ຂົ້ນ ຄິ໊ນ ງື໋ນ
Mai kan, mai kong adjustment
ເກັນ ເກັ່ນ ເກັ້ນ ເກົາ ເຂົ່າ ເຄົ້າ ເຫງັ່ນ ເຫວັ້ນ ເຫລັ໊ນ ເໝັ໋ມ
Niggahit with tone marks
ກໍ ຂໍ ຄໍ ງໍ ກໍ່ ຂໍ້ ຄໍ໊ ງໍ໋
Sala am with tone marks
ກຳ ຂ່ຳ ຄ້ຳ ງ໊ຳ ຈ໋ຳ
Subscript adjustment
ກຸ ກູ ງຸ ງູ ຫຼຸ ຫຼູ
Lao syllables
ກ່າ ກິນ ກໍ່ ກ່ຳ ກັນ ເກັນ
Additional Pali characters and marks
຃ ຅ ຤ ຦    
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Variable and optional features of fonts can only be seen when using a browser that supports those features, such as a current version of Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Saysettha (Version 2) is an updated font-family based on the widely-used Lao Script for Windows font Saysettha OT.

Saysettha Mai is a new font-family from Lao Script for Windows in a modern style with straight strokes as often found in primers and other recently printed materials.

SengBuhan is a new font-family from Lao Script for Windows with the curved style used traditionally for writing Lao. Two variant forms are also available, either by using Stylistic Sets 5 and 6 (see below), or as separate fonts, SengPathom and KhamBuhan.

SaysetthaMai includes the full Unicode range for Lao with Kmhmu, Lao Pali and Lao Sanskrit characters and is available as a single font and as a TrueType Collection (.ttc) or zip-archive with six stroke weights from Thin to Black in both plain and italic styles. For publishing purposes, 72 plain and italic styles with stroke weights from Thin to Black, character widths from UltraCondensed to UltraExpanded is also available as a separate zip-archive.

For web use, and by apps such as Adobe InDesign that support variable TrueType fonts, a 3-axis variable TrueType version of SaysetthaMai is available in .ttf and .woff2 formats. The variable font may be installed on Windows or macOS but as neither Windows nor macOS manage diacritic positioning correctly for variable fonts, it is usually better to install and use the separate SaysetthaMai font styles and use a non-installed copy of the variable font where supported by the app (e.g. Illustrator, InDesign).

SaysetthaMai uses OpenType Stylistic Set features (listed below) to provide optional alternatives for some character shapes. Note, however, that Microsoft Word does not provide any way to apply Stylistic Set features to Lao text. For a free alternative that handles Lao text correctly in Word documents, download and install LibreOffice Writer.

SaysetthaMai Stylistic Set features:

See Font Overview for more details and SengBuhan and SaysetthaMai for details of other fonts.

See Font Overview for more details and SengBuhan and Saysettha for details of other fonts.

See Font Overview for more details and Saysettha and SaysetthaMai for details of other fonts.