Lao consonants
Lao full-width vowels
ະ າ ຳ ເ ແ ໂ ໃ ໄ ຽ
Pali Lao and Kmhmu characters
຃຅ຆຉຌຎຏຐຑຒຓຘຠຨຩຬ ໞໟ
Tone mark position
ກ່າ ຂ້າ ຄ໊າ ງ໋າ ປ່ ປ້ ຢ່ ຟ່ ຝ່
Superscript vowels
ກັນ ກັ່ນ ຂົ້ນ ຄິ໊ນ ງື໋ນ
Mai kan, mai kong adjustment
ເກັນ ເກັ່ນ ເກັ້ນ ເກົາ ເຂົ່າ ເຄົ້າ ເຫງັ່ນ ເຫວັ້ນ ເຫລັ໊ນ ເໝັ໋ມ
Niggahit with tone marks
ກໍ ຂໍ ຄໍ ງໍ ກໍ່ ຂໍ້ ຄໍ໊ ງໍ໋
Sala am with tone marks
ກຳ ຂ່ຳ ຄ້ຳ ງ໊ຳ ຈ໋ຳ
Subscript adjustment
ກຸ ກູ ງຸ ງູ ຫຼຸ ຫຼູ
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SengBuhan is a new font-family from Lao Script for Windows, provided both as a variable stroke font for web use and apps that support variable fonts, such as Adobe InDesign, and as separate, installable Light (300), Regular (400) and Bold (700) weight fonts. SengBuhan uses a traditional, curved style and contains the full Unicode range of Lao characters, including both Lao Pali and Kmhmu characters. It can also be configured so that Lao characters have fewer loops, as taught in primary schools. For applications that do not support selection of optional features, this font variant is also available as the separate font SengPathom. Both fonts may be freely downloaded from URLs on the download page.

Other stroke weight variants (in the range 200 to 800) of both fonts are also available. Use the contact form to request more information.

Variable stroke widths and optional features of 'SengBuhan' Lao font can only be seen when using a browser that supports those features, such as a current version of Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

A current version of Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge is recommended, as older versions and other browsers may not position tone marks correctly when using variable fonts.

(See also Saysettha Mai for another new font family.)