Lao Script for Windows

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Using Lao on macOS

Lao Script for Mac has not been maintained and is not compatible with recent releases of macOS, so is no longer distributed from this site or supported by Lao Script for Windows.

As at March 2019, the current macOS release (Mojave) still does not provide a keyboard for inputting Lao language. However, Keyman for macOS can be installed and used for Lao or almost any other language, and we recommend downloading and installing it with any of the Lao (Unicode) keyboards available from that site and any Lao Unicode fonts provided with macOS or downloaded from this site or elsewhere.

Instructions for installing Keyman for macOS can be found on that page by clicking on the link Keyman for macOS help under Frequently Asked Questions and an illustrated guide for installing and using Keyman for macOS for Lao can be found at Installing Keyman for macOS for Lao.

Note that Lao keyboards used for macOS do not normally insert invisible break (ZWSP) characters since macOS supports wrapping at word and syllable boundaries without the need for inserted breaks.