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Installing Lao Script for Mac

Installing Lao Script for Mac

Lao Script for Mac is provided as a standard Apple (macOS) disk image (.dmg) file. It should be installed according to the following instructions.

  • Download the Lao Script for Mac installer disk image from the download link on the Downloads page and save it to your desktop.
  • Open the downloaded disk image.
  • If prompted to confirm opening the downloaded app, click "Open":
  • A drive labelled "KeymanLao" containing the "LaoScript" app will be mounted and opened in a new window as shown here.
  • Drag the "LaoScript" app from the left hand side of the window into the "Input Methods" folder.
  • (Elevate permissions if prompted to do so.)
  • Go to System Preferences - Keyboard and select the Input Sources page.
  • Click on "+", then select Lao language and choose the "LaoScript" input source.
  • Click "Add" to add "LaoScript" as in input method and add the Lao keyboards to the input menu:
  • Since there will now be more than one input language installed, the input menu should be visible on the menu bar. (If not, enable it from the System Preferences - Keyboard page.
  • Click the input menu and switch to LaoScript, then click the input menu again and choose the layout you prefer (Standard or Phonetic) from the "Keyboards" sub-menu:
  • When selecting the keyboard or starting to type with the Lao keyboard, the warning "LaoScript can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" may be shown:
  • If this warning appears, select your usual input menu language again, then go to System Preferences - Security & Privacy.
  • Then on the General tab, look at the setting "Allow apps downloaded from". It will probably indicate "LaoScript was blocked from opening...":
  • Click "Open" and enter your administrator password to confirm the Gatekeeper exception and allow the LaoScript keyboard app to run.