Lao Script for Windows

Silent Installation and Automatic Activation

Automatic installation and activation has been improved for LaoScript 8 build 8.1.7, simplifying installation especially for multi-seat and corporate site licenses.

How to install and activate LaoScript 8 automatically...

  • Download and save the most recent version (8.1.7 or later) of LaoScript8 to a USB memory stick, shared drive or file path that can be read by the computers on which LaoScript 8 is being installed.
  • Copy and save the following batch file script to the same USB memory or file path as a text file with the name autoinstall.bat.
  • Edit the following script and enter your license number, password and user name where indicated, then copy and save it as a text file named License.txt in the same USB memory or file path.
  • Run autoinstall.bat to install LaoScript 8. The only further action needed during installation will be to elevate to administrator privileges (on Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8), when prompted.
  • The license will be automatically activated the first time that the installed copy of LaoScript 8 is used and the computer is connected to the internet.
  • If installing a corporate site license, use the License.txt file with your (site) license key provided by Lao Script for Windows rather than the above file.

If it doesn't work...

  • If you have previously installed the LaoScript 8, you must uninstall it (in the normal way) before using installation with automatic license activation.
  • If your internet connection requires a proxy server, or uses a non-standard port for http: transfers, add the following extra parameters to the license setup file:
    Proxy=(URL:port or IP:port)
    HTTPPort=(if not port 80)
    Timeout=(if a timeout longer than 60 seconds is needed)
  • If automatic activation still fails, use the normal activation procedure.

Who can use it...

Automatic installation and licensing is primarily intended for use with multi-seat licenses and site licenses, but anyone may use it provided that they agree to the standard License Terms and Conditions for using LaoScript 8.