Lao Script for Windows

Welcome to the Lao Script for Windows Website

Lao Script for Windows is an extension to the Windows® operating system to make it easy to use Lao language with Windows® applications, and has been widely used in Lao PDR and around the world over the past 20 years. The current version (LaoScript 8) can be used with either 32-bit or 64-bit applications on Windows 7 and Windows 8, while remaining compatible with Windows® XP and Windows Vista.

LaoScript 8 may now be installed and used as one of three editions:

  • The Free Edition, for personal, non-commercial use only, provides Lao fonts and Lao keyboard mapping using either phonetic layout Lao typewriter layout with automatic text wrapping at Lao word boundaries.
  • The Standard Edition extends the Free Edition by adding Lao Add-Ins for Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint and for LibreOffice (or OpenOffice), with menus that provide Lao spell-checking, sorting according to Lao dictionary order, font conversion and other functions.
  • The Gold Edition provides all the capabilities of the Standard Edition, plus Lao Add-Ins for Microsoft® Access and Adobe InDesign and Thai to Lao translation , which can be used either automatically or interactively for better translation quality.

No license or activation is required for the Free Edition. However, a license must be purchased and activated on-line to use either the Standard Edition or the Gold Edition of LaoScript 8. All business, organizational and government users of LaoScript 8 should purchase a license.

All editions of LaoScript 8 include and support the use of both Lao Unicode fonts and many other fonts (such as the popular Saysettha Lao) using older coding conventions for Lao.

Many Lao Unicode OpenType fonts are compatible with applications on both Microsoft® Windows® and Apple's OS-X and iOS platforms. However fonts such as Saysettha OT and Microsoft's DokChampa which were designed to use Microsoft® OpenType support may not be rendered correctly by OS-X applications, and older applications generally do not always support Lao Unicode.

LaoScript News

  • Latest release, build 8.2.1 corrects problems when using Lao Add-Ins for Word and Excel. See Release Notes in LaoScript 8 Features for more information.
  • A Lao Add-In for Adobe InDesign is now included with LaoScript 8, supporting dictionary-based line-breaking and spell-checking and conversion of documents between non-Unicode and Unicode-coded Lao. (Build 8.2.0)
    Note that recent versions of Adobe InDesign, while still not recognizing Lao as a separate script, now generally render Lao text correctly. See Using Lao with Adobe InDesign for more details.
  • The 30-day trial license now supports use of all Lao Add-Ins. Download the current version and request a new trial license key to evaluate. (A bug in recent versions accidentally disabled the Add-Ins for Trial Licenses. Note that the Lao Add-Ins are not supported by the Free Edition.)
  • Now supports AZERTY French and other non-English keyboard layouts, improved Saysettha MX fonts. (Build 8.1.10)
  • Great news for iPhone and iPad users! A Lao keyboard and font for iPhone and iPad has just been released by Tavultesoft and is now available from the Apple store! Please see for more information.
  • LaoScript 8 installs correctly on Windows 8 (except on Surface or other tablets using Windows RT) and may be used for keyboard mapping with either desktop or 'Metro' (tiled) applications. For more information, see LaoScript 8 and Windows 8.
  • New, more widely compatible, "Saysettha Web" font available for web pages. (See downloads for more details.)
  • Added Lao Add-On for LibreOffice/OpenOffice, with Lao text wrapping, spell-checking, sorting, and text conversion for Writer and Calc. (Build 8.1.5) Also available as a separate download. (See downloads for more details.)
  • LaoScript 8 now includes Lao Add-Ins for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Microsoft Access. (Build 8.1.4)
  • Enhanced "Saysettha 95" series fonts added and supported for use with compatible applications. (Build 8.1.2)
  • LaoScript 8 now includes Lao "ribbon" menus for Word, Excel and PowerPoint (for Office 2007 and later).
  • For more information, please go to LaoScript 8 Features and Release Notes

Other Information for Lao computer users

  • Lao for Mac OS X coming soon!
    In cooperation with Keyman, a new Lao keyboard and font package for OS X is being developed, including both standard and phonetic-input keyboards and several popular LaoScript (Unicode) fonts.
  • Making Lao web-pages that can be safely viewed from most browsers on Windows, Mac, iPhone or iPod is now easy. See Webfont Samples for more information.
  • Updated notes now available for Creating Lao web pages and Using Lao in email messages.